Plan, Machine, Deliver

When we receive a new RFQ we prepare a detailed internal plan to determine the lowest sustainable cost and realistic delivery within one business day.

Our process overview

Review your drawing
  • Our manufacturing engineers review your part, drawing or project and decide on the most efficient process that can manufacture to spec.
  • Plan machining operations
  • At the quoting stage we internally specify every work center and machining process from beginning to end.  Every routing line has an accurate time entry generated using CAD/CAM software.
  • Prepare your quote
  • After confirming all materials and any outside processing time we confirm with our schedule for capacity on all routing lines and determine the earliest possible delivery.
  • Generating a detailed plan from the beginning allows us to confidently provide accurate delivery times.
  • Schedule
  • Once we have received your purchase order we then implement the plan already in place. We issue all purchase orders, schedule each work center operation and all outside services using manufacturing specific software and start machining.
  • Deliver
  • Our proactive process avoids last minute reactionary measures and delays to ensure customer satisfaction regarding quality and delivery.
  • Plan, Machine, Deliver